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Release 4.2.3

  • Applied a change to enforce the access permission that a user without the USERS_VIEW permission should not be able to view their own profile

  • Fixed a bug where disabling a user account through the UI would not actually disable the account

  • Made fixes to the PIX Feed v3 interface to ensure that the validation of identifiers doesn’t fail when identifiers are specified using the PIX/PDQv3 convention

  • Fixed the configuration of the deployment of the PIX/PDQ v3 interface to work properly when the interface is enabled

  • Upgraded the reference data lookup code to ensure the hibernate layer works properly with the version of Hibernate included in this release

  • Upgraded the version of Apache CXF used to eliminate any potential security vulnerabilities

  • Fixed the update of global identifiers assigned to records so that when an update changes the association between two clusters of records where each cluster also has manual links from an external source, the global identifiers are not updated correctly

  • Applied a validation check to prevent the search capability from allowing users to query for all records using the wildcard character

Release 4.2.2

  • Fixed a bug where certain data issues would cause the process that regenerates all links to stop before visiting every record

  • Add support to the UI for replacing one matching field with another without having to update the probabilistic model in the probabilistic matching algorithm

  • Extended the concatenation function to allow for the concatenation of more than two fields