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Release 4.2.2

  • Fixed a bug where certain data issues would cause the process that regenerates all links to stop before visiting every record

  • Add support to the UI for replacing one matching field with another without having to update the probabilistic model in the probabilistic matching algorithm

  • Extended the concatenation function to allow for the concatenation of more than two fields

Release 4.2.1

  • Added a new configuration setting that allow you to enforce the policy where manual links stored as part of the remember manual classifications feature override classifications by the matching algorithm to link records together

  • Improved the performance of the file load operation by using caching of identifier domain information

  • Fixed an issue where the modal dialog that display the evaluation of the association between two records in the system did not color-code correctly vector patterns that correspond to null-scored vector paterns

  • Improved the performance of the blocking re-indexing operation by implementing lower granularity locking of resources

  • Fixed a bug where the information dialog that pops-up when a record pair is classified manually through the review record pairs page could not be dismissed