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$ cd /sysnet/openempi/openempi-4.0.0
$ rm -rf data/person-db    # Remove the target directory just in case it is already there.
$ cp -r ../tmp/person-db data   # Above we restored the database in the /sysnet/openempi/tmp directory

7. Run any database upgrade scripts that are specific to the new version you are upgrading to. Not every release includes a database upgrade script but if there is one, it would be in the conf directory under OPENEMPI_HOME. Upgrading to the 4.0.0 release from 3.5.x requires that you run the script update_database_schema-4.0.0.sql.

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psql --user=openempi --password --host=localhost
\i update_database_schema-4.0.0.sql

8. Start your instance of OpenEMPI using the startup script from the new release directory. If you are using a service startup script to automatically start your instance of OpenEMPI, make sure you update the script to reflect its new directory location (this is usually installed in /etc/systemd/system/openempi.service).