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Installation of the Distribution

The installation of a distribution of OpenEMPI on Unix using the new release format is fairly straightforward. Note: Version of 4.0 of OpenEMPI or newer requires Java JDK 11. Make sure that the JAVA_HOME environment variable points to an installation of JDK 11. Keep in mind that with the new distribution format there is no need to install an instance of the Tomcat application server. An instance of the Tomcat server is included in the distribution and is configured nominally to operate properly with OpenEMPI.

1. Extract the contents of the distribution into the root of directory into the directory that will become the parent of the installation directory. In the following example we install the distribution under the /sysnet/openempi directory and assume that the distribution file resides in the /tmp directory.

mkdir /sysnet/openempi

cd /sysnet/openempi

tar xf /tmp/openempi-entity-4.0.0-l-release.tar.gz

2. Configure the distribution based on the directory in which it was installed. You first change into the directory in which the distribution was extracted and run the post-install script. The script takes two parameters: the first is the directory in which the distribution was extracted (/sysnet/openempi/openempi-4.0.0 for the example shown here) and the second one is the version of the distribution that you are customizing (in this case it is 4.0.0).

cd /sysnet/openempi/openempi-4.0.0

./ /sysnet/openempi/openempi-4.0.0 4.0.0

3. The next step is to configure the database instance for the release. The release assumes that you are using the standard Postgres database and it is pre-configured for that database. If you are using an alternate database please follow the appropriate instructions.

  1. You can now start the instance using the startup command.

cd /sysnet/openempi/openempi-4.0.0


You can stop the server using the shutdown command in a similar manner.

cd /sysnet/openempi/openempi-3.5.0


You are done with the installation and should now be able to access the administrative application by pointing your browser to: http://localhost:8080/openempi-manager (default account uses username: admin and password: admin).

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